Las Vegas is widely known as the place to go for cheap buffet food and early morning steak and egg specials that lasts all day. While the old connotation rings true that no one can go hungry in Las Vegas as these are still widespread throughout the city of sin.

buffet food2Las Vegas has grown into a much more sophisticated restaurant town offering something for everyone. The truth is that while Las Vegas is known for gambling, if you explore its dining options you may find one thing that is best about Vegas is your food options are enormous.

As always, Las Vegas still offers buffets in nearly every casino along the strip and in the downtown area with prices ranging from $9.99 to $36.99. The truth is that what you pay for when it comes to buffets is what you will get, with the cheaper buffets offering old traditional favorites such as cheap steak, chicken, and mashed potatoes and the more expensive buffets offering exotic sea fish and meats.

Usually, you can expect to find cheap buffets in the cheaper casinos and the more expensive buffets in the high end casinos. Las Vegas also has a fine sprinkling of fast food and chain restaurants for those who want food on the go or those who do not like to venture far from what they know.

buffet foodWith a McDonalds in the center of the strip that is open 24 hours and Applebees, The Outback, and PF Changs inside the casino areas, you can also find something you recognize.

At the same time, ethnic food is also popular in Vegas as some of the best minority restaurants serving up Korean, Indian, Thai, and Chinese are located in Vegas and are well worth a try if you are feeling adventurous!



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