Among the weight loss community and diet enthusiasts, metabolism is often seen as the focal point of all diet and exercise plans.The logic behind its concentration is defined as, the faster metabolism processes of food the more weight loss you will experience.

healthy foods1Of course, there is a limit to how much you can increase your metabolism which is why it may be helpful to learn how to boost your metabolism naturally by simply choosing to ingest three healthy substances on a regular basis: spices, fiber, and protein.

First of all, you can find fiber in many carbohydrate based foods which contrary to the nineties Atkins diet, have been proven to be essential for a healthy diet.

Carbohydrates that are high in fiber take longer for your digestive system to process which means that you burn more calories while digesting fiber laden carbs which in turn boosts your metabolism.

healthy foodsGreat examples of high fiber carb food items include nuts, fruits, and vegetables.

In the same manner, foods that contain a large amount of protein also take longer to digest giving your metabolism a kick into gear as well.

Protein also helps burn fat and boost muscle growth so by consuming a large amount of protein each day you get twice the benefits in one snack making them well worth it. Popular protein food items are eggs, fish, and whey protein shakes.

Finally, adding spice into your diet literally is healthy as they help speed up your body’s fat burning so that you burn more fat after consuming fats and they increase your body’s temperature making it use more calories as it attempts to stabilize your temperature.

Of course, too many spices can harm your digestive system so keep your spicy foods in moderation with what you know you can handle.

Control your food intake and include HCG diet to your regimen.



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