eating outMost people are aware that food at restaurants is often not as healthy for you as food cooked at home, but most people are not aware that one of the reasons this is true is because food at restaurants is usually loaded with sodium.

There are a few reasons why restaurants have so much sodium in their meals starting with the fact that in order to compete against each other most have larger portion sizes than you may normally consume at home; the larger the portion the more sodium that the meal is going to contain.

Another reason why sodium is often high at meals purchased at restaurants is because most of the items that are offered have been processed and prepackaged.

As salt is the most common preservative these meals are packed with sodium in an attempt to keep them fresh and save the restaurant time with preparation.  Thus, you will find that fresh foods that you prepare at home always have less sodium since they are consumed right away instead of stored in a freezer.

Finally, the last reason why meals are often loaded with sodium is because they are over dressed with sauces and condiments, or in the case of a salad, dressing. Since dressing is the ingredient that often makes a meal taste scrumptious, cooks load it on so that patrons will be enticed back.

As a result, you also allow the chef to pile on the sodium which is why if you want to lower your sodium consumption while out you may ask for the dressing on the side or for the cook to prepare a meal without salt.



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