cake charmIn Victorian times, it was common at the bridesmaid’s luncheon before a wedding to serve a cake that had tucked under its bottom layer a number of charms attached to ribbons.

Each bridesmaid would choose a ribbon to pull and the charm she chose would reveal something about her life to come. (The charms are not usually baked into the cake.) This “charming” tradition is being revived by many brides. This can be done at the bridesmaid’s luncheon, or at the wedding itself.

Here are some charms that can be included, along with their meanings.

  • An anchor or house means a happy and stable home life
  • A charm relating to a baby, such as a rattle, means you will be the next to have a baby
  • A compass means the path to your future is clear
  • A cornucopia signifies a life filled with abundance
  • An engagement ring, wedding bell, or cupid means love and marriage is in your future
  • A four leaf clover or shamrock means luck is in your future
  • A coin, penny, or sand dollar means you will know riches
  • A wishbone or wishing well means your wish will soon be granted


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