eating outWhen you are pressed for time and eating out, you may be worried about your diet. And for good reason: restaurant meals are usually larger in size, lower in nutrients, and you can never be entirely sure about all of the ingredients.

If you make a few healthy choices, however, you can eat out and still stay healthy.

Avoid restaurants that offer all you can eat buffets. These types of places tend to create in diners a mentality that says they have to eat a lot of food to get their money’s worth. If you have problems with portion control, these kinds of restaurants definitely aren’t for you.

Unless you want a rather unimpressive looking salad served with a side of temptation, stay away from fast food restaurants. Burgers and fries are very tempting, and high in fat and calories. You’ll have a better selection at a restaurant with a more varied menu.

When it comes to salad, be careful with your choices. Put fried chicken strips on your salad, along with caesar dressing, cheese, and croutons, and you have an unhealthy salad.

Incorporate healthy snacks into your diet. If you are not too hungry when you go into a restaurant, you will be better able to make good choices.

Watch out for hidden calories in side dishes. There’s no reason to have a side of baked potato with butter and sour cream. Most restaurants will be happy to serve you vegetables on the side if you just ask.



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