cookingIn today’s modern fast paced world it can seem too hard and time consuming to spend hours preparing your own meals at home which is why so many people turn to fast food and frozen meals from the supermarket.

However, this can quickly eat through your wallet and your health as often these choices make for a poor diet.

The good news is if you take head of the tips listed below you can start cooking your own cheaper and healthy options without spending too much time on them.

First, you may want to consider bulk cooking items such as soups or stews that can be frozen so that you can simply come home and defrost a meal in the microwave or oven.

It may take longer to prepare it the first day, but then for the next few days you get the advantage of having a meal that is sitting at home waiting for you without much needed preparation.

Another tip is to design your meal preparation plans so that you can multi task which will help you save time. For instance while you are waiting for water to boil or the pasta to soften instead of standing idle you can start cutting vegetables or preparing sauce so there is little delay.

You may also invite your children to join you while cooking which will help them to feel included and help you save a little more time!

Finally, keep in mind that cooking times are actually where you lose the most time, so be conscious of how long an item needs to cook and choose the fastest way to prepare them such as vegetables in boiling water or steaming.  Also, the smaller you cut vegetables and steak the quicker they will cook!



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