culinary hygeine 1Culinary hygiene includes practices related to cooking and food management to prevent health hazards. Kitchen is the center of all activities in home and also breeding house for bacteria and other harmful organisms that cause many unwanted diseases.

So, in order to prevent several health hazards, culinary hygiene play a very crucial role. Here are certain rules that you need to follow to maintain culinary hygiene.

1. Check the food packets for expiry dates and damages before you buy.

2. While washing up utensils, use detergent based product with hot water and then use a disinfectant to clean the vessels.

3. Keep the temperature of refrigerator below 5 degrees celsius at all times.

4. Always keep raw meat separate from all other foods.

5. Remember to wash knives and chopping boards with medicated disinfectants after use.

Source: Gomestic



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