While looking careful over the major cities in the modern civilization the Fast Food restaurants are pretty much everywhere. The most of the general population surveys regarding the eating habits of the general population resulted in responses for “eating out choices” names like KFC, Mc Donald’s, Pizza Hut and the list can continue for hours.


Considering these surveys are done in order to prospect the market for eventual development one can but wonder how come we choose to leave out the traditional family dinner for a Big Mac or roasted ribs?

The answer comes with the taste. The Fast Food products that almost all of us call “junk food” taste wonderfully. When going for a burger and fries the scent of roasted meat and barbecue sauce drives you nuts because the smell operates exactly on those senses that make the body grow hungry. And this kind of food always smells good.

Of course all of us know that going out with the whole family to one of these fabulous and alluring places will turn out in a feast full of extremely tasty food and tones of calories not to mention toxins.

The point is we are well aware of the dangers that come with this kind of food plan. The media does its part and tells us to watch over our salt, sugar and fat consumption but also brings the viewers dreamy commercials with hot and spicy chicken wings and glorious burgers. Under these conditions the solution is a bit out of hand.

We know that eating out has to be done visiting a healthy restaurant, eating a salad, enjoying feta and lettuce and of course drinking plain water.

This sounds pretty good for a grown up person but for the kids eating out means going for a pizza or any related heavenly taste.

Eliminating fast food from the daily diet can only benefit health but it can only be done by educating the young to understand the risks of a destructive alimentation.



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