fishThe fish is probably one of the most popular items in all the kitchens of the world.

From the ancient times the fish was a major element in the essential food group and represented a valuable source of food from the dawn of times.

The fish is kind of a super food. It contains the major group of vitamins and minerals and also it is a rich source of Omega 3, the main vitamin responsible for reducing the level of triglycerides in the human blood.

The question is: How should we cook the fish in order to keep its properties intact?

Well, most people while shopping in the supermarkets buy fish sticks, deep fry them in hot oil and have the satisfaction of eating healthy, consequently introduce this food item in their “eating healthy“ plan. Unfortunately it isn’t exactly so.

During the frying process the fish loses most of its properties. Like any food processed in oil the essential group of vitamins is burnt resulting a small amount of toxins which are not at all good for the health.

The right way of cooking fish is grilled with herbs and a small amount of spices in order not to alter the flavor. Also it helps to know that the fish tends to retain salt so it is wise to salt it only when it’s almost done.

Another way of cooking healthy this source of vitamins is baking it in the oven with olive oil and vegetables like onions, pepper and garlic, a bit of seasoning and a drop of wine.

Two centuries ago the western civilization adopted the sushi, made in Japanese style and also the Norwegian salmon canapés, this being pure examples of healthy preparation of fish now present all over the world.



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