Grapefruit DietThis very efficient diet has been tested for over 3 decades all over the world. Millions of women tried this miraculous diet successfully enjoying a new and more slender silhouette.

The grapefruit, especially the pink version, is known on the entire planet as one of the fruits that inhibit the fat accumulation in the body tissue and helps the entire body come to shape through the multitude of vitamins, especially C that this wonderful citrus contains. For the best results this diet must be held over 2-3 months.

The important part is that at every meal during this diet period you should eat a grapefruit, the presence of the fruit being the key ingredient for the diet. This way the kilograms are easy to lose because the metabolism is speeded up and the calories are easily burned because of the citrus fruit.

During this diet you must say good-bye to the carbohydrates meaning everything that involves bread, pasta, potatoes and confectionaries. You are allowed to eat white meat but under no circumstances fructose rich fruit like bananas, grapes or peanuts.

As strange as it may seem, you are allowed fried foods which usually are forbidden. This diet does not put you through hunger, but it is a must that the last meal should be taken before 6 pm and this last meal has to be just grapefruit and green tea with just a spot of honey.

This procedure should be done 2-3 days during the diet with a pause of 4-5 days and after that repeated. The method prevents eventual migraines and focusing problems.

This diet if kept right allows you to lose around 5 kilograms during several weeks without too drastic efforts and with the benefit of vitamins from the grapefruit.



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