iced teaMany of us love our iced tea and then there are some people who just aren’t iced tea drinkers. Those of us who love our iced tea may have a preference as to whether we drink it sweetened or unsweetened.

I used to think I like sweetened iced tea and then I went to a friend’s house once. They were entertaining and had iced tea as an offering for a non-alcoholic drink. The host ‘warned’ me that it was sweetened iced tea. Up until that point however I apparently had no idea what sweetened iced tea was. And now I am hooked.

The best way to make the perfect sweetened iced tea on a budget is to actually use your coffee maker, if you have one. Simply purchase some Lipton iced tea bags. You can purchase them in bulk from many wholesale stores and I would recommend doing so because you will like this sweetened iced tea recipe. I just buy the original Lipton tea bags.

Put three Lipton tea bags in your coffee maker and put enough water in it to make 8 cups. While the tea is ‘brewing’ prepare your iced tea pitcher with ice cubes. Fill it ¾ of the way full with ice cubes.

Once the soon to be sweetened iced tea is done brewing pour it in the pitcher that you have prepared. Let the iced tea sit in the pitcher full of ice for about 10 to 15 minutes. The ice will most likely be all melted by that time.

Make sure you have some sugar available. You will need to pour between ½ and ¾ cup of sugar into the iced tea pitcher. Stir very thoroughly.

For the first couple of glasses of iced tea that you pour only pour your glass halfway full of iced tea and fill the rest of your glass with water and ice. The brew is actually very strong even though it was made through a coffee machine and the Lipton tea bags didn’t sit in the hot water for longer than a few seconds it took for the water to run through the filter.

As you pour glasses of iced tea out of the pitcher you may want to add water to the pitcher until you’ve added a half pitcher of water.

You can also add honey and lemon to taste. This is the best sweetened iced tea recipe!



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