vermouthThe vermouth is an alcoholic beverage very much like the wine but enriched with alcohol and flavored with wormwood and herbs or spices.

The first person that ever used the word “vermouth” as a commercial term was Antonio Benedetto Carpano from Turin, Italy, in 1786. He was inspired by the German recipe for the wormwood wine which is called “Wermut

There are three assortments of vermouth in the market from the dry to the sweet: extra dry, bianco-white and rosso-red.

The red vermouth is served chilled before a meal, and it is not combined with other drinks. The white version can be used as a base for Martini cocktails with gin or vodka. The red vermouth is usually called Italian while the white is called French but these names do not respect the reality.

Depending on the assortment, the alcohol concentration is different and as well as the amount of sugar. This way the red vermouth has a concentration of 16-17 degrees and a sugar concentration of 16-18%. The white vermouth has a 17° concentration and a sugar content of 16-18%. The extra dry version is 18-19 degrees alcohol concentrated and only 3-5% sugar.

Punt e mes is a very famous Italian vermouth, brown colored and bitter. It is usually used as a substitute for rosso in drinks like Americano, Manhattan and Negroni. Punt e mes has a strong distinctive flavor and it is the registered brand by the Fratelli Branca Distillery in Milan.

The dry vermouth needs to be refrigerated and can be kept around six months. Other types of vermouth keep till a year in dry and cool refrigerated places.



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