asian restaurantThe mystical Orient has always been an interest for the Occident. The large differences in the culture and in the everyday life have always tempted the people from the western culture to take a trip and explore the vast regions of Asia.

Nowadays, when almost everything can be learned and seen because of the achievements in the modern technology, it seems like that there is no need to travel just to explore.

Well, the differences still exist, despite all of this, and one of the best ways to see them and learn them could be a trip to the nearest oriental restaurant. There you could have a taste of the cuisine and a glimpse of the culture of this magical world.

Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Thai, a handful of original recipes prepared by chefs that consider cooking an art form. They always offer a lot of original combinations, a lot of ingredients to get to a unique taste that will make you come back for some more.

Spices like basil, curry, la-lot leaf, lime leaf, garlic leaf, lemongrass, and many, many more are combined with rice, different types of fish, lamb, different vegetables, chicken, beef, lamb and also snake, to make you enjoy a perfectly delicious meal.

Yes, it is another world, a world that is now within the reach of our hands, waiting to be tasted, waiting to be explored.



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