creamDairy products are part of our every day eating habits. Even though every nutritionist will advise you to avoid them, or will at least tell you to stick with the low fat or non-fat ones, still no one can deny their richness with calcium and their solid percentage of protein.   Milk, white and yellow cheese, yogurt, sweet and sour cream, how can you resist them?

When it comes to the sweet and the sour cream, most of the people are probably unaware of the wide specter of possible usages in the kitchen. We all know you can eat them on their own, but only few use them as additional ingredients for their delicious home cooked meals.

Sour cream is one of the key ingredients in a lot of sauces, especially those that go with any type of pasta.

The worldwide famous Hungarian goulash has it in its recipe. Different cream soups are sour cream based.

The sweet cream on the other hand plays its part in a lot of frostings and fillings, being either a support ingredient or the actual frosting or filling of the most sweet cream based desserts.

This is the case with some of the old traditional Irish recipes like the Irish Mist Cream Cake or the Mint Cream Cake.

Did you know that chocolate mousse is made with it, or that sweet cream is needed to make a trifle?

Anyway, sweet or sour, cream is always fabulous.



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