fishPeople should try and listen to Hippocrates (the father of medicine) who used to say “Let food be thy medicine“. Food being the most important source of vitamins, minerals and fat, should provide us the health we all search for.

Even though fish has been used as a basic food source since the beginning of time, today its nutritious value has been confirmed and promoted as an indispensable meal in the every day life.

Fish and especially ocean fish is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which is considered essential to human health. The reason that people should eat fish as much as they can is the fact that the vital omega 3 fatty acids can not be produced by the human body.

It benefits the human health in many ways, such as, it improves the heart work, the brain functions and it is necessary for normal growth and development, it helps the weight loss process, it inhibits the growth of certain types of cancer, it can help treating diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol and assist in many other processes in the human body.

Nutritionists and health associations recommend eating fish at least two times a week, whether it’s grilled, boiled, fried or roasted. Oily fish contains more omega 3 fatty acids than low fat ones. Sardines and anchovies are rich in omega 3 fats and come from the clean waters of the Antarctica, so people should consume them more. Salmon fish, shark, tuna, swordfish and many other are also good for your health so should be used in every day diet.



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