potatoesPotatoes are never to be underestimated. Besides their high-energy value, which makes them almost indispensable in our every day nutrition, potatoes offer a great deal of possibilities when it comes to their preparation.

If we skip the part where potatoes are used as a side dish, to garnish another meal, a variety of different potato dishes, for every occasion, exist in almost every cuisine in the world.

Fried, baked, grilled or boiled, they can be combined with almost everything to reach a unique and unforgettable flavor.

The French, for example, like to serve them as a potato salad; a salad that besides the boiled potatoes includes minced goat cheese. Yes, this is a fancy dinner in France that will go perfectly with a bottle of white wine.

In many other countries the garlic-mashed potatoes are recognized as an excellent dish for most unofficial dinner visits. We also cannot skip the traditional Thanksgiving dinner sweet potato dish, which also may be found on the tables during other celebrations.

One in top of the other, the food of the poor can be the food of the kings, so prepare your favorite potato dish and have a feast.



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