GuacamoleThe perfect way to host a Mexican happy hour at your home is with the perfect Mexican food and drink combination. This means the perfect tortilla chips, the perfect homemade Guacamole and the perfect homemade margaritas. We aren’t talking margaritas from a bottle that are pre-made and you just add tequila, we are talking scrumptious homemade margaritas!

We are going to tell you exactly how to make the perfect Guacamole and perfect homemade margaritas for your Mexican happy hour.

First let’s start with the homemade Guacamole. For this recipe we will make enough Guacamole for a small gathering of a handful of friends. Depending upon how many people you will have at your happy hour you can adjust the recipe.

You will need 3 avocados. You will also need some fresh cilantro. Purchase a bushel of cilantro (this is the quantity they are sold in) and 1 lime. You will also need sweet or yellow onion and tomatoes.

If you do not like onion or tomato or if you know of people who will be attending your happy hour that do not like onion or tomato, you can easily leave these ingredients out of our homemade Guacamole recipe.

Mix the avocados until they are completely smooth and have formed the texture of Guacamole. Now add about ¾ cup of diced tomatoes, and ¾ cup of diced onions.

Tear the cilantro leaves off of the cilantro in the bushel. There really isn’t a set amount of cilantro for your homemade Guacamole recipe; it will be more to your own particular taste. I love cilantro therefore I put a lot of the cilantro leaves in the Guacamole mixture.

Cut the lime in half and squeeze into the homemade Guacamole mixture. Stir and crush everything together very thoroughly. Now taste your homemade Guacamole. If you think you can add more lime juice then you can utilize the other half of the cut lime.

To make our perfect margarita mix, add 1 ½ shots of 1800 Tequila and 1 ½ shots of Gran Marnier orange liqueur. Put one shot of Rose’s lime juice and one shot of sweet and sour mix. Shake all ingredients together until completely blended. Serve on ice with a twist of lime.

Now get your favorite kind of tortilla chips and snack away while drinking your homemade margaritas with your friends at your own Mexican happy hour!



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