tiramisuThe top rated Italian desert, Tiramisu is a savant combination of tastes going from bitter to sweet and flavored , pretty much like love itself is, in a surprising but memorable dessert masterpiece.

Supposing to have its origins in Sienna , Italy , the dessert has as a base sweet “lady fingers” sponge biscuits known as “savoiardi” and the famous Italian cream cheese “mascarpone”.

Mascarpone has origins in Lombardy and is a “double” cheese resulted from cow milk with a very buttery consistence. This cream cheese is ivory colored with a texture that can vary from the one similar with cottage cheese to the one resembling the soft butter. It is very versatile, and mixed with flavors borrows their taste. The “nature” version of mascarpone is mildly, almost indefinably, sweet.

The unique taste of the Tiramisu cake is the result of the combination of flavors that are hidden in the heart of its creation.

The sweet “savoiardi” are dipped in sweetened espresso previously mixed with a few drops of Marsalla wine, a traditional Italian wine recipe.

After dipping they are put as a base layer and covered with the mascarpone filling.

The mascarpone filling is a mixture of mascarpone, eggs and vanilla essence.

The layers of savoiardi and mascarpone filling are alternated so the top layer would be of filling. As topping and decoration, over the last layer, it is spread a thin powder of dark cocoa.

The traditional Tiramisu has two layers of lady fingers biscuits and three layers of mascarpone filling.

In the last decade the popularity of this dessert was increased by its presence in almost every café, bakery and confectionary all over the world.

Also, recipes for this cake are spread all over the web and come in many variations, some sweeter, some more bitter or in combination with fruit for a more refreshing flavor.



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