riceRice is the base food for many Asian civilizations such as Thai, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan and India, to name only a few.

Rice in its natural state with the inedible husk removed is called unpolished or brown rice.

The assortments of refined white rice known as enriched sweet rice are Rissotto, Louisiana Rice, Red Rice, Carolina Rice, Jasmine Rice, japonica, Arboria Rice, Texamati and the list can go on for quite a while because a new brand comes up almost every year. The grains of these assortments are short, medium and large.

Everyone must have heard about Basmati rice, the “fragrance queen”. This rice is grown in the foothills since thousands of years all over Asia. Its perfume, nut-like flavor and aroma makes it the priciest rice in the world and has been the favorite rice of the privileged.

Rice is easy to digest. Its protein gets easily absorbed by the body, with minerals and various vitamins making it a good choice for those with food allergies.

Processed rice seeds must be boiled or steamed before eating. Cooking rice is very simple and rice cookers have made rice preparation neat, easy, and convenient.

Anyone can be surprised by the amount of rice dishes that can be prepared by adding different variations of whole spices to make pilafs aromatic, colorful with saffron, nutritious with chopped vegetables like carrots, potatoes, beans, fresh peas, meat, fish, corns or creatively combined with a dash of butter and cheese to make your dish the best meal of the day, a treat both a nutritious and tasty.

A person can create wonderful varieties of choices for every taste by enhancing it with various sauces; tangy sprinkle of lemon juice; raw mango powder and green, nutty dry fruits into a perfect garnish to turn it into a heavenly meal. You can even have it as a plain side dish or with curry and lentil soup.

You must know that rice is a cooling agent for the body in summer and it is known to be enjoyed for both lunch and dinner. In winter, the warming spices are added to the rice with eggs or meat.

You may love a sweet dessert of powdered cooked rice by adding sweetener, cream, nuts and flavors or use it to create cakes and puddings.

It’s amazing that rice is also used to make various types of noodles. Rice, similar to other cereal grains, is also puffed or popped and can be eaten as snacks or as a cereal breakfast dish.

Rice is a wonderful grain that you can have all year round, can be prepared easily and helps you live a healthy life.



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