fish-oilDuring the last years so many studies have proved as certain the role of the fish oil and the benefits on the body this wonderful substance is responsible for.

It was proven that the fat acids of Omega 3 type are found in the fish oil, and that they can prevent severe illnesses like cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and depression.

Lately it is considered that the association of the physical effort with a moderate daily consumption of fish oil can contribute to weight loss. It is important to notice that while the feeding pattern of the Inuit people has a percentage of 13 % Omega 3 acids, unsaturated with carbohydrates, the one of the Danish contains barely 0.84%.

At the Inuit people the consumption of seal meat and fish concludes in a heart attack rate of 400 times smaller than the rest of the civilized societies. Through the ingestion of these foods the Omega 3 acids build up inside the body at least 10 times more than through the traditional diet.

That is why it is recommendable to include in the daily diet enough Omega 3 acids to establish the balance inside the body. It is good to know that the Omega 3 acids can also be found in vegetable oils but it is recommended that the proportion from animal and vegetable origin to be 1:1.

When the Omega 6 acids are predominant in a diet, they have an impressive anti swelling role. Considering many diseases are linked to the swelling process, the fish oil consumption can both help and prevent these problems.

As a conclusion the fish oil is a powerful weapon against cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity as well as premature aging and most cancer types; so it is wise to consider a daily intake of fish oil to keep the body fit and live a healthy life.



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