FondantThe word “Fondant” gives mouth watering feeling and a walk to a memory lane when various parties celebrated the colorful fondant cakes and pastries.

Fondant originates from the word “fondre” which means to melt named so because it melts in your mouth when eaten.

The basic Fondant is a chunky, smooth, creamy colorless sugar mass used in special forms for beautifying cakes and ornamenting cookies. Surprisingly fondant can be swayed and arranged gracefully over a cake.

You may color it smartly and dispense it as a shiny surface smooth finish. You can also carve, shape and sculpture it creatively. Turned and twisted it can amazingly transform in a fairytale.

Did you know Fondant is also the basis of most of the candies? It is the heart from a portion of a chocolate butter cream. It can also be used as a chunky creamy, sugary filling that spurts out of a plain chocolate ball or a chocolate-covered cherry, and it can be practically used in any type of candy.

You must have observed that wedding and Christmas cakes are often embroidered and beautifully embellished with piped scripts, letters and symbols, attractive curls and even attractive pictures. Doing it yourself is easy when you get creative and practice more and more.

Mastering the art of rolling fondant and making your fondant neither too sticky nor too dry, easy enough to lift and maneuver without tearing or cracking can turn into a wonderful adventure for the passionate bakers.

It’s the fondant’s versatile quality that’s been gaining popularity and recognition over the last ten years or so. Rolled fondant is well-known in Australia, Europe, South Africa, and New Zealand for decades.

Though it can be homemade there is no need to start making a mess and waste time and energy. You can get ready-made Fondant. It is available in a great variation of colors and flavors, sugar paste variety (pure white), dark chocolate or white chocolate, caramel, coffee, peach or strawberry.

There are some flavorful fondant recipes available, such as white chocolate fondant (Candy Clay) or vanilla, chocolate, orange or marshmallow. It’s quite amazing when you think of it.

Another variation you could try with the versatile Fondant is streaking it very easily in a multitude of colors. Rolled fondant can be colored in pastel to deep colors and flavored with small amounts of candy oils and sometimes dark or white chocolate is added to make a sweet or bitter chocolate fondant.

Within minutes, you can create pretty blossoms, a field of fruits and ornaments, which can then decorate with royal icing for a bakery masterpiece. When you think about it you have to agree that fondant is the perfect cake glaze.



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