grilled meatToday, when we are overwhelmed with information and suggestions about healthy nutrition, when we are obsessed with the way we look and we count our calorie intake, we are strongly advised to avoid red meat.

Why is this so?

Meat is the largest source of protein and therefore it should be a part of our eating habits. It is true, some of the ways that meat is prepared should be avoided, but grilled meat is a healthy way to eat.

It is easy and fast to prepare. All you have to do is to marinade it, grill it and serve it.

People use different ingredients to marinate their meat. Some use milk, some use water and lemon juice, others prefer minced garlic and olive oil.

One of the most important parts of the grilling process is the spicing. A touch of pepper or chilli will give the grilled meat a piquant taste that will open up your appetite. A right amount of salt will also make you lick your fingers after the meal.

After the meat is grilled you must not forget to garnish it. A pile of mixed boiled vegetables will do the trick: carrots, peas, rice, potatoes and corn, they all come into play.

With this you will have a healthy, and in the same time, delicious treat for your body and spirit.



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