honey 1I remember my first encounter with honey so many years ago, when being somewhere around 5 years old, my mom gave me for breakfast a slice of bread spread with butter and honey.

I remember the taste so clearly as if I am feeling it now and this sensation has been stuck with me for all the years that passed since then.

During my adolescence, the parents of my friends encouraged us to be fans of honey and use it for a sweetener instead of sugar when drinking tea or cocoa, and also eat it at breakfast as often as possible.

I remember grandma giving me a hot cup of tea with lemon and honey while I was down with a terrible cold and freaking out at the thought of the exam I had next day. The drink brought me on my feet in no time so I could study and get a good grade at my exam.

After many years while I was fighting lymphoma being advised to consume as many natural foods as I could, I gave up refined sugar and substituted it with honey and this has done me a lot of good.

During that time I learned that the precious honey is more than just a sweet drop of sunshine in a steaming cup but also an important source of over 100 elements vital for the smooth functioning of our body.

Honey is made of 40% glucose, 35% fructose, sugars, proteins, ferments, organic acids, and microelements. Their report in honey depends on the local conditions where it’s produced and on the seasons when it’s produced.

The composition of the honey depends on humidity and weather condition. You should know that honey contains all the elements necessary for the treatment of heart problems and improves the liver functions by neutralizing the toxins.

A teaspoon of honey eaten in the morning on an empty stomach helps reducing the blood pressure and ensures an easy intestinal transit.

Since I have discovered the so many wonders it can achieve, I adopted honey as a main sweetener in my house,

honey 2I use it to make cookies and cakes, and also it became jam replacement for my kids. Looking over the many benefits this “ambrosia” has the thought of how much good it does to the human body shouldn’t be overlooked.

Apart from the taste, the honey is an excellent bandage for the damaged skin and it is a great help in combination with yogurt for any type of sunburns.

In combination with cornflakes can make a quite effective energy bar but also a nutritious face mask. I saw many of my friends drink green tea with honey, or add honey in a milkshake instead of sugar.

It is interesting how this delight of nature has inside it so many wonderful properties and also seems so simple and ordinary.

Who would ever think by looking at honey that in fact we gaze upon the liquid gold of natural food?



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