tomato saladIf you are anything like us your favorite way to eat a fresh and ripe tomato is thinly sliced on a cold plate with a little balsamic vinegar and possibly some olive oil, maybe some parmesan cheese and salt and pepper.

However maybe one of the reasons this is our favorite way to eat tomatoes is because it is one of the only ways we know how to eat fresh and ripe tomatoes.

There are so many different ways to eat tomatoes including adding spices and other added nutrients. Tomatoes just aren’t for eating with balsamic vinaigrette and olive oil anymore!

  1. Cheese and olive-stuffed tomatoes are an excellent source of many different vitamins and minerals as well as an extremely tasty treat. Cheese and olive-stuffed tomatoes make an excellent snack or a perfect complement to a grilled entrée. Slice the top inch or so off of a washed tomato and pack it with basil, feta and olives. If you feel like it you could also chop up some chicken and add that to the middle mixture in the tomato.
  2. Fresh tomato and basil pasta is a great light lunch or early dinner with the girls. Easy to make and packed with nutrients this dish of fresh tomato and basil pasta is basically pasta noodles (whatever kind you prefer) mixed with fresh basil and a little garlic and mozzarella cheese. Then add diced tomatoes.
  3. Make a creole tomato salad for a perfect lunch! Sliced fresh and ripe tomatoes with fresh mint and onions with a red wine or vinaigrette dressing over the top.
  4. Ever considered mixing fresh tomato with pesto and putting it atop a homemade pizza option? Either use a store bought pizza crust or make your own homemade pizza crust topped with chopped and diced tomatoes. Then sprinkle pesto with garlic and provolone and add basil.
  5. What more perfect way to eat tomatoes than on a BLT? The classic bacon-lettuce and tomato sandwich can now be spiced up with basil or even slices of mozzarella cheese. For a bit of a change from the very traditional sandwich try focaccia bread or multigrain baguette. Toast it like a Panini on the grill or stovetop and let the cheese melt over so slightly on the tomato slices. This is a perfect and extremely tasty tweak on the classic BLT.


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