short cakeIt is often said that having cookies or shortcakes are not good for the health.

The era and lifestyles of having them with tea have become very popular during formal tea time.

It was mainly the privilege of the aristocracy with their leisurely lifestyle called High-Tea that was a more substantial meal, kind of an early dinner very welcomed after long days at work. As a mark of social standing, people instated the custom of enjoying cookies or shortcakes with tea or coffee.

It is true that the delicious shortcakes and tasty buttery cookies of nowadays are made from a large number of ingredients like eggs, milk, wheat flour and whole wheat; corn, rice and honey to name only a few. The baking industry brings up everyday new assortments which can be the rivals of any home made cookie.

The shortcakes and cookies have important nutritious values and of course they are good for health in proper proportions. They are rich in fibers and calcium that are good for strengthening teeth and bones.

And the good news is that they have low cholesterol and low fat content. Most of them contain the natural sweetness of honey, sugarcane juice, and fruits, added to provide natural glucose as an ideal natural fuel for the brain and muscles.

There is a wonderful assortment of fine shortcakes available today. They come in tempting flavors like strawberry, raspberry, chocolate, butter, vanilla, cheesy or cherry.

The rich crunchy, tangy tastes are enhanced with almonds, pistachio, orange, hazelnut, chocolate hazelnut, amaretto, vanilla butternut, raspberry, mint chocolate chip, raspberry, lemon, mango, or the exquisite cherry butter.

The special attractive shapes like shiny star, golden oval, loving sticks, zigzags, lengthy squares, and curly circles are really simply irresistible. The sizes are so carefully and wonderfully designed in big, small and medium that they look extremely and equally tempting for young and old.

The heavenly butter cookies also come in wonderful dreamy imaginary forms. They come with a large variation of colored toppings, sprinkles, coatings, covers, sweet dustings creating a joy for the eye and the taste. They are a festival of joy for any kid and the favorite snack for children parties.

They can be found on the table at any occasion and the argument that they should be crunchy or gluey is still on in the most homes of the world.

The joy of taste in the butter cookies together with the consistent snack of a shortcake biscuit can be found in all the countries whether is tea time or simply the time for a refreshing snack.

Whether they are whole wheat, organic or diet, the wonderful snacks of our childhood are still there to make us feel that life is a sweet biscuit that should be enjoyed every day.



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