The beer industry in the U.S. is one of the most coveted and lucrative businesses in the open market. Grossing billions of dollars a year, and quenching millions of thirsts per day, beer is without a doubt a way of life in the U.S..

Whether you are just beginning to explore the world of beer or you are a seasoned beer snob, these are brews that you should know. Ultimately the best will depend on your own beer loving style. There is not merely one beer that is right for everyone.

Here is the list of Top 15 Beers in USA

1. Sam Adams Triple Bock:

The blue nuance bottles reminding of prohibition times are sight for sore “in love with beer” eyes. Considered a classy , vintage assortment due to its fashion like releases in ’94,’95 and ’97 the recipe comes as a distinctive combination of flavors .

The recipe is an elaborate combination of malt, barley hops and yeast, with the right touch of maple syrup. Left to brew inside oak barrel for a few months, when it reaches bottles has a rich taste, a proverbial strength considered the forefather of the Extreme Beers of our times. (abv: 17.50%)

Sam Adams Triple Bock

( photo by BMan1113VR )

2. The Beast Grand Cru:

Deep colored in mild red wine nuance, a Belgian Strong Dark Ale, courtesy of Avery Brewing Company in Boulder&CO, requires a festival of tastes both focused and light from the tip of the tongue to the bottom of the throat. The scent gathers raisin and ripped figs, brown sugar and spice.

At the first taste one can feel the fizz embedding herbal hints into a full carbonated taste resembling the syrup texture with the lightest sweet finish that remains several minutes after swallowing it. (abv: 14.90%)

The Beast Grand Cru1

( photo by Must Love Beer )

3. Kuhnhenn Raspberry Eisbock:

Fruity raspberry taste wrapped in a strong chocolate caramel flavor, this beer is a dessert by itself. Silky taste and luscious aroma gets richer and most seductive with age.

( photo by michaeljames )

4. Oak Aged Dark Lord Imperial Stout:

Strong and potent, a beer with character and tone of voice reminding of Russian Czars, inspired around 1800’s with the distinct purpose of winning Russian aristocracy, creates a balance of roasted malt, liquor like strength and low fizz with a touch of chocolate dry finish. Dark fruit hints tame up a bit its impetuous majestic taste.

Oak Aged Dark Lord Imperial Stout

( photo by draftmag )

5. Decadence:

Alesmith creativity brought of as a commemoration for 2008 the English style Decadence. Ripped and rich in a barley wine taste with additional caramel hints reminding the old fashion milk toffee, with the smoothest taste of malted barley and only a drop of yeast this beer is a valuable old fashion dark adventure.

Enriching its alcohol level with age, it represents a joy of sensations for the connoisseurs. (abv: 11%)

Decadence ( photo by ranchandcoast )

6. Bourbon County Stout:

Black beer with a history of 1000 batches prides itself with a complex flavor of smoked oak, vanilla and caramel, with exactly the right amount of chocolate taste, enriches the pouring experience with dense foam and a perfectly rich scent asking you to light a Havana.

( photo by pseudothoughts )

7. Older Viscosity:

A venerably aged dark beer with a residence of six months in Heaven Hills Bourbon barrels, presents itself in 375ml bottles, flattering the taste of oak bourbon with a strong vanilla flavor, passionate chocolate and red fruit combination in a 12% alcohol strength that raptures the senses.

The only problem is the small bottle that one can get down in a breath.

Older Viscosity

( photo by Brane Dead )

8. The Angel’s Share:

Available in 750ml and in 375ml on too small and one too large this amazing barley wine conquers by its rich taste and light acidity. The large bottle can be a challenge for beer drinkers but nevertheless a realistic and complex one. (abv: 12.50%)

( photo by potatoknish )

9. Cuvee De Tomme:

Fully matured beer before going into barrels, the most awarded Pizza Port assortment can be found in Lost Abbey. Strong chestnut brown, made of the sweetness of the land gathered from raisins, sugar candy, malted barley and sour cherries and added the wild Brettanomyces yeast it is fully fermented when it reaches the barrels.

You can serve it in bottles of 375 ml or 750 ml but also it can be enjoyed in an old fashion pint in designated locations. (abv: 11%)

Cuvee De Tomme

( photo by jessefriedman )

10. AleSmith Speedway Stout:

Strong coffee beer, pouring inside the glass the rich dark color with brown shades under direct light, covered in a mocha top of thick foam gathers all the strong espresso coffee taste enriched with roasted malt and sweet molasses with a dark cherries finish into an amazing taste symphony.

Surprisingly the 12% ABV alcohol does not come up in the scent.

AleSmith Speedway Stout

( photo MontageMan )

11. The Abyss:

Deep strong beer, a sounding invitation to go down and find out the treasures hidden under  the complex and elaborate seductive flavor, it is a siren song flattering the senses with every single drop. Its lovable liquor taste with hints of molasses makes its 11% alcohol level easy to handle.

( photo by fejnation )

12. Pliny The Younger:

Pliny the Younger was Pliny the Elder’s nephew, a slick beer with a triple IPA, a bit dry but still rich in taste , a creative seasonal February release available to be tasted in pubs and bars, but also in bottles.

( photo by VinceFerg )

13. Imperial Stout:

Black fruit beer exclusively created for the Russian Czar, built up in alcohol content so it would last the ride and fit the low temperature of cold Russian winters, it is a beer with strong malt flavor, dry, accented and proving a redundant personality.

Imperial Stout1

( photo by colbzilla )

14. Kuhnhenn Bourbon Barrel Barley Wine:

Notorious dark beer waited for a long time, it brings a sharp strength inside a unique combination of malted bitter alcohol, enjoyable and carrying a personality colored in bitter cherry red, matured inside whiskey barrels for a light vanilla hint.


15. Devil’s Milk:

Maryland originated, popular in 4 different locations, this light  but stylish barley wine is drinkable in spite of its 11% alcohol because of the perfect balance combination of malt tastes and light, delicate finish for a desirable experience.

devils beer



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