yogurtThere are many different organic foods in the market and different organic foods we hear about every day.

As women, we especially hear about the organic foods we are supposed to eat every day.

There are many different organic foods that are good for women but to make it easier there are 4 organic foods that we need to make part of our daily lives.

Yogurt is an organic food that women should make a part of their every day diet. Most women don’t drink the amount of milk they should for optimum health and yogurt can occasionally be easier to grab when you are on the go.

Yogurt is higher in omega-3s and doesn’t have added hormones or antibiotics like milk can have.

Organic super salads are not only scrumptious but also super good for you. When you choose organic lettuce greens over regular iceberg lettuce you increase your antioxidant intake by more than 25%.

An organic apple a day does keep the doctor away.

Organic tomatoes have more lycopene and antioxidants and may lower cancer and heart disease risks. Now you can see how eating an organic tomato each day is good for you.



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