ApplesauceThere are so many ways to bake, make and eat apples. Especially, now with fall and the holidays just around the corner there are even more and more creative ways to eat this delicious fruit.

Think past the caramel apples of past Halloweens and think past old apple pie recipes.

We have come up with five creative and tasty ways to create something edible with your apples.

  1. Applesauce is not only a nutritious food but it is also another way to eat your daily apples without getting bored. Not only can you eat applesauce straight out of the jar you can also serve applesauce with pork chops, vanilla ice cream and French toast or crepes. Want to make homemade applesauce? Stew chopped apples with sugar and water (equal parts and up to you how much depending on the consistency you prefer) add cinnamon and eat! You can use apples that are peeled or not whatever your preference is.
  2. Stuff an apple with cinnamon, raisins, maple syrup and brown sugar and bake it. Bake about 30-40 minutes at 375 or 400 in a baking dish with approximately ¼ inch of water. Let it cool and you can serve alone or with yummy whipped cream or even vanilla ice cream. Consider adding caramel syrup as well. Great taste and healthy dessert or treat!
  3. Think outside the box and think about apples as an addition almost as a condiment to many other dishes. For example, think about adding apples to a roasted goose with apple and walnut stuffing. Or consider adding apples to a savory apple and onion pie or even adding apples to make a chicken and apple sauté.
  4. Apples make great additions in salads as well. You could make a scrumptious salad by chopping up apples and adding them to your salads or even using dried apples. Try adding apples to a Thai tuna salad or maybe adding apples to a fennel and apple coleslaw. Another way to add apples to your salad would be to add apples to an autumn apple and blue cheese salad.
  5. Need something to go along with your salad or perhaps go along with your pork chops and applesauce? Consider apples in soups such as quick beef and vegetable borscht, oyster and apple soup, or curried apple and celery soup. And for desert how about apple flan with quatre epices!


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