Roast beef is one of the most brilliant ideas to brighten up the festive dinners with its elegancy, delicacy and various luxurious sauces as well as its outstanding presence on the table.

However, cooking a perfect beef isn’t an easy process.


The beef itself has fibrous structures, which makes it dry quickly and give the teeth a hard time while chewing it.

To prepare a perfect beef for a perfect festive dinner, there are some rules and tips to follow.

First of all, for all of the members of the table, approximately a 5lb (2, 25-2, 75 kg) piece would serve a sufficient number of portions for 6 to 8 hungry stomachs.

In order to give the beef with a perfect redness, pre-heating the oven is important. The oven’s heat must reach 475F (240C) before the stake goes in.

The beef usually has a fat layer on the top that helps it look more crusty and tasty. For a crusty experience, one tablespoon of flour can be rubbed gently with the hand on the oily area and be seasoned with enough pepper and salt.

For a perfect color and caramelized taste, simply put the beef on an onion which is halved into two and placed on the tray. The beef can be cooked through 20 minutes, then left in the oven to cook until it reaches the desired tenderness.

Inserting a thin skewer into the beef will help find out the state of the cooking process and prevent the meat from getting too dry.

Source : Delia Online



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