If you like cooking and baking and are the competitive type, now is your time to prove how good you are!

The Internet is full with Christmas baking challenges. Everybody loves gingerbread, especially this time of year. So the best idea for winning a baking challenge is to build your own gingerbread house.

sweet-funny-christmasBe sure to decorate it nicely. But before the decorations, you’d have to spend some time to be sure that your ginger home will be the most tasteful and cutest of them all.

For the dough you’ll need sugar, baking soda, ginger, salt, cinnamon, cloves, molasses, eggs, white vinegar and flour.

Mix the proper quantities (you can find them in any cooking book or on the internet), wrap the dough tightly and refrigerate it. It’s up to you how long, but the best dough is ready after 2 days. Use cardboard templates when cutting the dough; it will make your work much easier.

Bake it in sheets at 350 degrees for ten minutes. Prepare the icing out of egg whites, confectioner sugar and tartar cream. Add the food coloring you want to use (more colors, better result) and pipe it out of a pastry bag.

Use the icing when putting together the walls, windows, roof etc. Use candies if you’d like. Be creative! Read Hansel and Gretel if needed.

Feel what you felt while reading the story when making the final decorations to your house. The final result depends on your willingness to win. Good luck!



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