ChristmasDinner2When thinking about Christmas all that is traditional and warm, welcoming and steady comes to mind.

Thoughts of family and home cooked meals become something so natural that only seldom can a person say for sure that he or she wants something different for Christmas.

In spite of this, every year the amateur cooks feel the need to add something new to their Holiday cooking repertoire.

This is how something like a Victorian inspired Christmas dinner, so trendy in this period when vintage is a key fashion trend, can become a unique inspiration for any aspiring chef.

A home made Victorian pudding is something to entertain the guests and introduce them in all the wonderful holiday spirit.

Since vintage food is in style the aged wine and mince meat pies are welcome to join for the 2009 Christmas Holiday meals.

A house full of guests caroling and enjoying themselves will surely receive a Victorian air due to the raised punch glasses and the light of the candles.

Keep in mind that Christmas is about flavors and savant combination of cinnamon, raisins, vanilla and nuts are the ones making a statement this Holiday.

This is why all flavors should be combined to result in a memorable culinary experience you will be proud to offer your family and friends.



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