1. Vodka

absolut vodkaThis Swedish vodka is sure the absolute thing when it comes to a fine drink, just right for that perfect cocktail to match your party mood. The Absolut Vodka is made from the best winter wheat and water from the brewery’s own well.  It is available in different flavors like raspberry; citrus, paprika etc.

The vodka is flavored with natural ingredients. Different fruits, berries and spices are used to impart the flavors. Absolut vodka has a full bodied grainy character which is smooth and mellow. It is best served at temperatures ranging from 5 – 8 degrees C.

The flavors and smells are lost when the drink is chilled too much. Absolut is the world’s leading vodka and has been around for more than four centuries. Available across the globe, it is a hot favorite this new year.

Source: www.absolut.com

2. Grey Goose

grey goose

Leading French vodka, Grey Goose is another hot favorite among vodka lovers. Made from the best French wheat it follows the legendary Cognac tradition. Available in original, pear, orange and lemon flavors, Grey Goose is one of the finest vodkas around. Set the party mood with perfectly blended cocktails whether shaken or stirred!

The vodka is flavored with natural ingredients which are typical to the region. The original vodka has a well balanced soft and gentle taste. It leaves behind the taste of almond paste. The fruit flavored vodkas are made from the finest pears, oranges and lemons in the area. The pear flavored vodka has a creamy taste and the citrus flavors remind one of fresh orange and lemon zest.

Source: www.greygoose.com

3. Belvedere

belvedere vodka

Super premium vodka, Belvedere is one of the best examples of Polish vodka. This vodka is distilled from the best quality Dankowskie rye. This exclusive vodka balances purity and character perfectly.

Welcome the New Year with this luxurious vodka. This vodka is the result of six centuries worth of expertise along with a commitment to heritage and quality. The original vodka has a creamy vanilla note and a velvety texture. This sweet and savory vodka reminds one of pepper and spices. It leaves an after note of almond and Brazilian nuts.

Also available in black raspberry and orange, the vodka uses a unique maceration process to bring out the flavors of natural fruits, their peels and flowers.

Source: www.belvederevodka.com

4. Frapin

cognac frapinCognac Frapin is one of the finest wines from France. With over eight centuries of wine growing and distilling expertise, it is no wonder that cognac gives the world some of the finest wines, an elegant way to usher in the New Year.

The Grande Champagne has the same chalky soil that is famous for giving the world, Champagne. One can indulge in the various vintage wines from this house. If that was not all, they are experts at blending different vintages and producing the most luxurious of wines to tempt the wine lovers of the world. Cognac gives perfect wines as they have perfected details to the extent of the age of the cask, in which the wine is aged. The perfect start to a perfect year.

Source: www.cognac-frapin.com

5. Hennessy


This luxurious cognac brand has tempted connoisseurs for over three hundred years. It offers four fine cognacs. Hennesy V.S.O.P. has a well balanced flavor that is harmonious and complete in itself. The Hennesy X.O. has a rich masculine taste. Hennessy Paradis has an extraordinary body that is sensual and hedonistic. Richard Hennessy has a very structured and complex flavor.

Savor these cognacs as they are or blend them to make great cocktails. They can be combined with ginger, orange, apple and berries to make fantastic drinks. Bring in the New Year with this classic wine in its many avatars.

Source: www.hennessy.com

6. Moët und Chandon

One of the best champagnes around, Moet is the perfect way to welcome the New Year. The champagne has been around since the early eighteenth century. Jean Remy Moit, grandson of the founder, made it his life’s mission to make champagne popular around the world. This legendary champagne has a wonderful collection to offer; Brut Imperial, Rose Imperial, Nectar Imperial, Grand Vintage ad Rose Grand Vintage.

Each of these has a unique taste and its own signature body. The perfect drink for celebrations, Moet and Chandon has pleased the taste buds of connoisseurs around the world. The bottle featured here is the limited edition Midnight Gold. The champagne bottle was enclosed in a super soft lambskin case which was embedded with crystals and gold pearls.

Source: www.moet.com

7. Krug Grande Cuvée

krug grande cuveeFrom the house of Krug come some of the finest champagnes ever tasted, each of their champagnes is a perfect blend of body, taste and character. What makes them unique is the fact that each of these champagnes is a blend of different grapes, from different vineyards, from different years. The perfect assemblage of these different vintages gives Krug its unmistakable characteristic identity.

One of the factors making these champagnes among the finest is that the house of Krug sources its grapes not only from different vineyards but also from different patches of land, sometimes no bigger than a garden. There are wine growers who have been supplying grapes to Krug over generations.

Source: www.krug.com

8. Dom Pérignon

Dom Perignon is another assemblage champagne which believes in bringing the perfect combination of wines to its connoisseurs. A perfect blend of white and black grapes, year after year this champagne rules the heart of people around the world. The intriguing taste of the champagne is achieved by the perfect blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes.

The Dom Perignon collection boasts of the Dom Perignon Vintage, Dom Perignon Rose and Dom Perignon Oenotheque. Each one of these is a perfect blend, guaranteed to make your evening special. Each of these has their unique notes which make them seductive drinks.

Source: www.domperignon.com

9. Chivas Royal Salute

chivas royal salute1

This premium whisky brand has been around for almost two centuries. Chivas ages its scotch whiskies anywhere from 12 to 25 years to give the perfect taste.

Chivas 12 has been aged for 12 years before it comes to you. The drink is a radiant warm amber color and its nose notes are an infusion of herbs, honey, heather and spices. It has the taste of rich honeyed apples with a hint of vanilla, hazelnuts and butterscotch which lingers on.

Chivas 18 has dark amber color and has an aroma of dried fruits, dark chocolate and buttery toffee. The velvety chocolate gives way to floral notes and leaves a mellow smokiness. The Chivas 25 has a rich gold color and a complex flavor.

Source: www.chivas.com



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