Since nowadays everything trendy is defined by what is fashionable on the fashion podiums and the kitchen is no difference.

No matter how strong the flavors are they do not linger very long and spices although being a tradition tend to step forward and become trendy with every season.


Ginger for example is nothing more than a step up in the world of fabulous cuisine.

As the spice goes perfect with sweet and salty dishes, and it is a constant presence in the Asian cooking, the fact that in the 2010 menu trends ginger can be found as a star ingredient comes as no surprise.

So, when you carefully arrange for an exquisite meal a pear and ginger dessert can become a smart and eventful tasty occasion, able to make you feel much more than a casual after meal delight but the actual sense of an exquisite treat.

As far as the smart occasions go such a dessert may bring the memory of a evening in Paris because in the end being the talk of the town is all that ginger is been doing for quite a while.

If its scented, spicy but mild taste transforms it into the key ingredient in very sophisticated food than having served such a dish bearing the mark of a complete and savory spice would certainly rewrite the casual definition of eating out.

Recipe: Dairy Goodness



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