It’s cooking time.

Everybody loves to have sweets on their table for Christmas. What would be Christmas without good-looking and tasty home-baked cookies to spread the smell of “home” inside your house?


Here’s a recipe for you that will make this Christmas perfect. Serve your family and guests a treat that will melt in their mouths.

Did you know about the Peanut Blossom II? It’s no biggie in cooking it. Just mix in a cup of peanut butter (you know you love it), same quantity of brown sugar.

Beat two eggs and ¼ cup of milk and two teaspoons vanilla. In another bowl combine 3-4 cups of flour, 2 spoons of baking soda and one spoon of salt.

Add this to the peanut butter mix. Then shape little balls and roll in sugar. Put them on a cooking sheet and there you go.

Cook them in your oven for no more then 12 minutes, if the oven was well preheated and after you get them out, quickly add chocolate cream (white, black, however you prefer it) and put them to rest.

The chocolate will harden and you’ll be sure you won’t have stomach aches from eating them warm.

Try not to eat too much though, make room for other Christmas goodies, enjoy them, and be happy for these Holidays.

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