Drinking coffee is one of the most popular habits in our times, being in a tight connection with daily meetings.

Associating coffee with the Christmas meal may appear as natural as the using of this flavored liquid in the evenings, though someone may think that caffeine does not fit to the holiday’s dishes.


Among the most recognized brands of coffee, the Bailey’s Irish Recipe is a good acquaintance for those who need some extra quality. If you enjoy drinking a hot cup of coffee in winter’s stormy times, this recipe brings the occasion of delighting yourself with a special taste, considering it as part of the grownup’s sweets.

To prepare Bailey’s Irish Recipe, you ought to have in your store room these items:

  • Your favorite cup
  • Enough sugar to fulfill your sweet dreams
  • Some coffee, freshly brewed
  • Three quarters ounce of Bailey’s Irish
  • Whipped cream made at home
  • A good stirrer.
  • A spoon kept in warmth.

Put the Bailey’s in, after you heated the glass. Sweeten it with sugar, as you like. Use slow moves to add the coffee while you still spin the mixture in the cup. See to it that you’ll be dissolving every single particle of sugar…

You now need to use the spoon for putting the whipped cream into this magical combination, avoiding destroying the coffee’s crust. Have a look at the popular WOW mugs for a more exciting way to drink your coffee and Baileys.

This is it! You may now taste your original homemade Bailey’s Irish coffee recipe.



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