meat loafWhat does make meatloaf the best choice for a family dinner?

When talking about the traditional minced meat pudding, the legendary meatloaf , people tend to feel their childhood memories resurrect because for sure all of us keep in mind our mother’s voice saying: “ Hurry up with the homework, the meatloaf is about to come out of the oven.”

That is the reason why, when you are serving meatloaf for dinner, no one will be skipping it.

This is not only because meatloaf is simply yummy, there is much more to it. It can be made from pork, lamb, a mixture of both, chicken or turkey and even those who don’t eat meat can prepare a vegetarian one using various meat substituting ingredients.

Countless recipes equal countless different yet delicious tastes. The fact that besides the meat and breadcrumbs, which are the base of the meatloaf, you can put minced garlic, minced onion, white or yellow cheese, a large variety of spices and sprinkle everything with white wine, is more than enough to confirm this.

In the end you even have a choice to serve it with or without some sauce, depending on what your family prefers. And also you can garnish it with almost any boiled or fried vegetable like potatoes, rice, peas, corn, etc.

So every time you decide to make meatloaf for dinner, you have the chance to give a new experience to everyone on the family table by tasting something familiar yet slightly different each and every time.



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