muffinsWhen people think of muffins, they think of the sweet, soft, delicious dessert, which can be served either at the end of a serving or it can be used as a whole meal.

Muffins are mostly served warm for breakfast, but they can also be served with tea, coffee or milk. The word muffin originates from the French word “moufflet” which means soft bread, and what a soft yummy bread they are.

There are many different types of muffins all over the world. Most of them are distinctive for their form and the ingredients used to make them. The most popular shapes are the disk shaped muffin, which can traditionally be found in England and the one similar to it but a bit bumpier can be found in the United States.

Regardless the shape and taste they are popular and loved by millions.

The ingredients used to make muffins are very similar, no matter of which type of muffin are we talking about. They all contain flower, sugar, eggs, fat and milk, but also some other ingredients like blueberries, chocolate, raspberry, cinnamon, pumpkin, nut, lemon, banana, orange, almond, peach, strawberry, can be added to enhance the taste. So choose your muffin carefully and enjoy the sweetness.



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