“Hello, my name is X, and I’m a chocoholic!” The dilemma of whether the chocolate is destructive or benefic for our body and eating habits have haunted my mind and dessert choices for many years in a row.

eating chocolateTwo years ago, when all the cooking and baking magazines went crazy preaching the multitudes of benefits we get from our beloved chocolate, I was puzzled before the articles written about the endorphins we get from chocolate and the theory that they make us happy.

Then it hit me. Do we really need someone to tell us that chocolate makes us happy?

The magical taste, combination of velvet and flavor, the graceful drop of cocoa in a perfectly balanced fudge mixture or simply the joy of feeling a whole milk tablet melting on the tip of your tongue, gives us the perfect pleasure so exquisite that it should be illegal.

Every time that my sweets cabinet starts losing from the quantity of chocolate I should always have available, I feel compelled to go hunting for new flavors. That is how I had the pleasure and the privilege to experience the cocoa & chili chocolate created in Inca tradition or the French choco-dark & orange.

I also don’t know how I always get stuck in the Swiss recipes area, always shopping much more than I should. One of my dear girlfriends compared one day the chocolate with shoes. Then I thought the comparison was a bit of the chart but after considering it carefully I have to say she was right.

chocolateThe multitude of flavors we can choose from are a lot like the many designs of shoes we try on during sales: seductive and addictive. The way we, women, perceive chocolate is pretty much like man perceive sports.

Tough comparison …I know but let me explain how I see it after analyzing the time and money we usually spend on chocolate and the trouble we have trying to take care of our waistline after consuming it, and compare it with the passion guys have for sports. The chocolate is there hot or cold even on a Monday football night.

It is crispy and crunchy or soft and luscious depending on our taste, even if we have un-waxed legs and we are wearing a lumpy T-shirt and pajamas pants instead of sexy swimsuits like the showgirls from American gladiator’s fight-night.

When dark, the chocolate makes our mind race in fact the darker the chocolate the greater the neurons’ reaction.

Can you say the same thing about a baseball match? I mean how intelligent does sound someone shouting:” GO, GO…you…!”, and other colorful expressions.

I can’t help myself from smiling at the thought how many of us laugh hearing or reading about the beloved chocolate being compared to the big “O”.

Well in this area the opinions vary, but all of you ladies should know something. The secret of a perfect chocolate is pretty much similar to the one of a perfect relationship but if there are so many chocolate recipes that are considered perfect the relationship part needs a bit …of chocolate to race the odds.

As a conclusion, apart from considering it a food for the gods and one of the top craved desserts all over the wonderful world we are living in, the chocolate is a ray of sunshine in a sunny day, the smile of a child, the joy brought by the look in a small puppy’s eyes or the kiss of passionate lover.

Take your pick and enjoy. For any of the sensations above there is a perfect chocolate taste. It’s up to you to discover it.



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