chocolate-dessert-cups-recipeOne look at the above image and the taste buds are sure to tingle with anticipation. For most dessert is synonymous with chocolate. A fine meal can’t be complete without a chocolate dessert. Any other dessert would do no justice.

Fair trade chocolate has been around for centuries and it sure is the food of God. Can’t think of anything better than a dark piece of buttery chocolate to lift that low mood nor is there anything better to indulge oneself.

A couple of different chocolates with a hint of nuts and fruits are the most sinful of combination around. Imagine a sizzling plate with a chocolate brownie on it.

Scoop some vanilla ice-cream on the brownie, and then slowly pour hot chocolate sauce on the cold ice-cream. Watch it splutter and bubble as it flows on to the hot plate.

Sprinkle a few choicest of nuts and the world’s best (simplest too) dessert sits on the table tempting even the most non-chocolate person.

And if you are looking for some more complex chocolate desserts take this link to a treasure horde of chocolate dessert recipes. This mouth watering chocolate dessert is actually pretty simple to make but the right yummy thing to tempt your special friend, partner or spouse.

Source:  Cooks Recipes



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