Celebrating the Christmas can be a very good moment of joy revival when sitting with family at the ritual dinners.

However, besides the spiritual part of the holiday, awaiting the Holy Infant to be born, the Christmas’ meal has a tremendous importance for achieving the usual feeling of happiness within this season.

Among the most favorite dishes on Christmas’ Eve is the turkey.


Cooking turkey may seem kind of difficult for an uninitiated person but, actually, it’s easy. You just need to respect several steps when preparing the meal.

First, you must consider the amount of turkey meat that you’ll need:

5.5 pounds serves 4 to 6 persons, as for 14 pounds you may invite up to 15 people.

Second, the thawing in fridge of the purchased turkey will vary between 27 hours and 90 hours, depending on how big your fluffy bird was: 5-15 pounds weight.

After you have successfully defrosted the bird, remove the ice and the giblets from inside the cavity.

you want to use your grandma’s secret recipe or just get inspired from a cookbook, you must put the turkey in the fridge right now, or cook it immediately!

Now that the bird is at the room’s temperature, we need to get it roasted. You may also marinate some minced pieces for taste improvement and for softening the meat.

Bon appetite!

Source : BBC Good Food



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