baking11. Always pre heat the oven to the temperature indicated on the instructions or recipe.

Don’t try to make up your own temperatures or try to improvise this early in your baking experiences just stick to the instructions.

Besides, if the baked goods come out tasting good you will be encouraged to cook again and down the road sometime you can take to your improvisation desires.

2. When reading recipes or instructions you should know that ‘bleached’ and ‘unbleached’ flours indicated in recipes can be used in place of the other; interchangeably.

This can and has been pretty confusing for beginning bakers and even some seasoned bakers have been confused by it. So be confused no longer and know that when the recipe calls for unbleached flour you can use either unbleached or bleached and vice versa.

3. Unlike bleached and unbleached flour being interchangeable you will need to know that baking powder and baking soda are not interchangeable. In fact, the two ingredients will have extremely different results when you bake so make sure you use exactly what the recipe calls for.

4. Invest in an oven thermometer. Utilizing an oven thermometer will allow for exact temperatures to be read and more accurate baking. You will have more control over your oven and your baking.

Not only will an oven thermometer help you determine if the baked goods are done but the oven thermometer can also determine if your oven is reading correctly.

For example, if you pre heat your oven at 450 degrees and when it is pre heated, the oven thermometer indicates it is actually only 415 degrees you will know your oven is always slightly off in temperature.

5. Always follow the instructions in the recipe in regards to cookware. For example if the recipe calls for a glass casserole dish then use a glass casserole dish.

And if the recipe calls for a metal pan then use a metal pan. If the recipe says use an ungreased cookie sheet then use an ungreased cookie sheet. The recipe specifies the cookware for a reason and it will affect the final baked product.

6. Also invest in a biscuit cutter as well as investing in a rolling pin. The biscuit cutter and rolling pin will make preparing your dough so much easier as well as help make for symmetrical and smooth edged biscuits.

7. Speaking of biscuits, when kneading the dough do not overdo it; just a few folds is enough. Do not overwork the dough.



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