Here is a fast, healthy and tasty baking delight. It involves tuna, pasta and about half an hour of cooking.

You need a bowl of pasta, previously boiled for about two minutes less than the boiling time that is written on the package.

While you prepare the sauce, heat the oven at about 180 degrees C if it is a fan or 160 degrees C if it is a gas.

The butter needs to be melted and then stirred in flour in a saucepan. Cook that for one minute and then add the milk, little by little, in order to obtain the white sauce (make it as thick as you like it).

After you have removed it from the fire, add to it your favorite cheese (about a handful).

Combine the sauce with the drained pasta, add a can of tuna, some sweet corn and some parsley, and in the end season it to your liking.

Put the mix in the baking dish, put the rest of the gratinated cheese on top of it and bake it for about 20 minutes, keeping an eye to the cheese crust (make sure it is not burning but maintains a nice golden color).

The best type of pasta you can use for this receipt is the tubular kind. Enjoy…it is surely worth it.



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