Unexpected guests can sometimes overwhelm you. Showing good manners towards them means serving them food and drinks, even though you have nothing prepared.

It can be a difficult task, especially if you haven’t been to the supermarket lately and your supply of food is down to almost nothing. Have you looked in the fridge and couldn’t find anything appropriate? Can’t accept serving your guests chips, cheese or fish sticks?

Bored of the usual canapés? Want to impress your guests but you don’t know how? No problem! Here is the solution! You can thrill your guests’ evening with a good gourmet grub such as buckwheat blinis with smoked salmon, crème fraîche and dill.

You will need a bunch of ingredients such as: buckwheat flour, strong white plain flour, easy-blend dried yeast, eggs, butter, crème fraîche, smoked salmon and a few dill springs to garnish.

You will also have to follow some procedures, but you can find the recipe on the internet, you just have to Google it! Take care to make the blinis light brown and fluffy and you will have an absolutely scrummy starter that even those not keen on salmon will love it.

Buckwheat blinis with smoked salmon, crème fraîche and dill is an elegant dinner menu recipe, a big hit, and a wonderful way to kick start a party. Everyone who loves fish and likes hors d’oeuvres and appetizers will be following this platter of blinis tapped with smoked salmon around at a dinner party, so make these and your guests will certainly be thrilled. Bon Appétit!



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