Jamie Oliver doesn’t need any kind of presentation anymore.

He is worldly renown due to his eccentric style and unique, healthy recipes.

Today’s recipe as simple as it is will pleasure you as it contains ingredients that everybody loves: potatoes, sausages and eggs. What makes it more than a plain omlette?

The fact that it is cooked in the oven makes it “puff like a soufflé” as the author declares. First of all you have to put the potatoes into a pot with salted boiling water.

Mix the eggs separately with salt and pepper. Anneal the chorizo with the potato slices and add some rosemary leaves in the fat remained from the sausages. After the rosemary spread its aroma in the fat, pour the eggs and add the potato and sausage mix and put the mixture in the well preheated oven until the omlette gets a golden brown aspect.

While this is cooking, put some shallots into a bowl with some lemon juice, salt and pepper and a little bit of olive oil. After you mixed it well put some parsley leaves in. This will be placed on top of the omlette.

And that’s it! Simple right? Simple but delicious! Bon appetite!

Source: jamieoliver



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