A nice piece of brownie topped with ice-cream is one thing that will make your weekend incredibly delicious.

The thing that makes everyone love brownies is that they are quite easy to prepare and really easy to combine with other light desserts.

Here is one way of obtaining tasty marbled brownies – with chocolate!

You will need a rectangular or square tin of about 23 centimeters which you will butter and heat to about 180 degrees Celsius. The white and black chocolate shall be put into balls and butter will be added on top, then heated in the microwave for about one minute and a half, then stir until they melt.

After you’ve added 150 grams of sugar and 2 beaten eggs in every bowl, you need to beat them until they have a smooth consistence and then add 50 grams of flour into the dark chocolate bowl and 90 into the white one. The mixes need to be put in the tin alternatively. The swirls can be obtained by pulling a skewer through the composition as many times as needed.

The baking time is about half an hour to 40 minutes (the color of the white pieces of chocolate needs to become golden), then cool it and serve, or even freeze for a better occasion, up to 30 days.



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