Well, hidden talents are just a way to put it. The aspect of the fruit, its smell and its taste is very obvious treat that you can always discover in a fruit and enjoy it to the fullest.

The reason fruit smoothies are beginning to be so highly praised is that their digestion is so much faster than the digestion of the fruits themselves.

The calories, proteins and sugars that are contained in a glass of fruit smoothie can be absorbed by your organism and transformed into energy in no more than 15 minutes (while regular semi-solid food takes about 2 hours to go through the whole process of digestion).

Then you have all the benefits of fruits contained in a glass; that means various vitamins, very few or no fats, proteins, calcium and the famous antioxidants. The one thing you must focus on when preparing a high quality smoothie is freshness. The fruits must be fresh (and as less treated with chemicals as possible) and the juice has to be freshly served as well.

Every hour, in which the squeezed mixture is exposed to air, light and heat (even at the low temperatures of the fridge) means less vitamins, therefore less value. Easy to consume, easy to absorb, great taste, complete control on flavor, consistence and content, no second effects, and all you need is a bunch of fruits (you can always mix them with the vegetables if you like it) and a squeezer. Enjoy!



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