organic milkStarting to eat organic can be difficult. There are many different ways to start yourself going organic in your diet and many different ways to incorporate organic foods into your diet.

Start with condiments and basic things that is the easiest way to get started in your quest to eat organic.

Choose organic milk. Purchasing organic milk is one of the easiest ways to start your organic diet.

Organic milk is not much more expensive than regular milk and the health benefits to organic milk are plenty.

Organic potatoes are another easy way to break into your new organic lifestyle. Did you know that potatoes are on the list of the most pesticide infected vegetables? So by buying organic potatoes you can immediately eliminate harmful potatoes in which 81% are contaminated by pesticides.

Just think, by changing both the milk and the potatoes you buy and starting to buy only organic you will already have rid your diet of thousands of harmful chemicals.

Some other foods that are easy and affordable to begin buying organic are also organic peanut butter, organic baby food, organic ketchup, organic apples, organic corn and organic beef. Not only are all of these organic options healthier and affordable they also taste extremely good.



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