The holidays are gone, let the diets start! That is the policy of many of us, even if we admit to that or not.

So, here we are with a bunch of advices ready for you to try. Curious about the key words? Cheese and greens.

The recipe can successfully serve for breakfast, lunch or dinner, is low fat, though pretty rich in calories and very feeding.

You will need spinach, leeks, cottage cheese, eggs and goat cheese or cream cheese. After you rinse the cottage cheese with cold water, you cut the root of the leek, and then slice it. Don’t forget to wash it as well before putting it in. Cook them in boiling oil for about 3-4 minutes together with the spinach (if you don’t fancy leeks, they can always be replaced with green or red onions). While they cook, use some spike seasoning and black pepper to beat the eggs.

Then make sure the casserole you will use is well sprayed with non-sticky spray and pour in the leek-spinach mix, the finely crumbled cottage cheese (fresh out of the freezer) and the beaten eggs.

The temperature you will need is about 190 degrees Celsius or 375 Fahrenheit, for appreciatively 20 minutes. Serve it warm with light cream and a bottle of fine wine, to remember the nice holiday times. Bon appétit!



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