Fish is considered a healthier option when compared to red meat.

The omega-3 fatty acids found in fish are essential fats good for general health, specifically for cardiac health.

The cooks tried for years to find some delicious whole fish dishes and other fish recipes.

Whole fish looks sumptuous when served on a platter. If you have been tempted to try your hand at cooking whole fish but have dithered, then a few basic tips will help you navigate your way through some neat whole fish dishes.

Cooking starts with selecting the right produce. Choose fresh fish to make a tasty dinner. The three facts to consider are smell, eyes and gills. The fish should smell of the sea and not fishy. Dull eyes say the fish is not fresh. Last but not the least pull open the gills and check. Red means fresh, blue or purple says no.

Once you have brought the fish home, you will need to prepare it right to be able to cook it well. Start by trimming the fins with a scissor, and then remove the scales with the help of a fish scaler. Work from the tail towards the head. Use a knife to make cuts on both the sides at the back and a single cut on the underside. Snap the head and remove any innards that come with it. You will need to gut the fish before you can start cooking it.

The hard part done lets you with a nice piece of fish and an infinite number of options to cook it. So enjoy, be creative and the result will be a wonderful treat for your family.



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