You must admit that no other style of cooking the potatoes tastes better than a classic baked potato. Whether you eat it with butter and salt or any other way it still tastes wonderful.

Here’s an alternative for baking the potato quick and delicious. You only need five ingredients: potatoes, low fat sour cream, green onions, shredded barbecued chicken and cheddar cheese.

Stick the well washed potatoes with a fork and put them into the microwave at high level for about ten minutes, until well cooked.

While these cook, mix the sour cream with two spoons of onions. After the potatoes baked, put the chicken in a bowl covered with plastic wrap and microwave it for two minutes.

Cut the potatoes in half and put on each of them some chicken, a bit of sour cream mixture, the cheddar cheese and the remaining onions. The quantities vary from how many portions you want to prepare so decide how many potatoes you want to cook so you’ll choose the right quantities for the other ingredients.

Low fat, low cholesterol, what more could you wish for from a quick meal? A good dish you will finish in only 20 minutes. Bon appetite!



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